Complete Garage/Ramp Cleaning

Sweepers are equipped with a filtration system that operates practically dust free! 

Foaming and pressure washing breaks up and removes oil, grime, salt, dust, and cobwebs from ceilings, pipes, walls, pillars, and floors.  

Scrubbers squeegee and extract the sand, silt, water, and soap, leaving a fast-drying floor that allows cars to park after work is completed.

Dump trucks then haul debris and mud from the site.

Benefits of the Service:

 - a professionally cleaned area conveys care and proficiency regarding management of the properties.

- reduces the likelihood of a slip and fall incident.

- displays a more appealing property.

Concrete Preservation Services

Applying sealant helps protect concrete and rebar from water, salt, and other corrosive agents, (especially during the winter!)

Benefits of the Service:

- prevents corrosive agents from seeping through the surface and weakening sub-structure.

- helps prevent crumbling and spalling of concrete.

- extends life of the structure.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Removes lint and dust from dryer vents.

Benefits of the Service:

- dryers run more efficiently, reducing maintenance costs.

- dryers use less energy.

- prevents needless fire hazards.

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Exterior Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing provides an economical way to give your building a new look

Benefits of the Service:

- removes pollution residue.

- eliminates grime and dirt build-up.

- removes cobwebs and insect droppings.

Jetting and Pumping Waste Lines

Jetting uses high pressure water nozzles to blast out pipes and restore the original diameter.

Pumping is a process that removes sand, dirty water, and oil from sand traps, grease pits, and separators.


Benefits of the Service:

- prevents unexpected flooding.

- restores system to its original flow.

- prevents sewage backup into units.

Garbage Chute Cleaning

Cleaning and sanitizing of your garbage chutes, compactors, trash rooms, and dumpsters!


Benefits of the Service

- removes odors and residues.

- kills micro-organisms.

- improves air quality in common areas.

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