EnviroClean has gone paperless!

Everyone likes trees! EnviroClean is doing its' part in reducing needless waste by going paperless! We want to live up to the "Enviro" in "EnviroClean," and do our best to serve our customers in an environmentally conscious way. We strive to provide you with INSANELY Amazing Service, both when offering you our cleaning services, and by connecting with you personally via social media sites.

We have just recently moved into our new office building, and are patiently awaiting new ceilings and floors! But for now, it's nice to just have those wonderful, spacey, acoustics, (and the ability to shout at each other from room to room.) Here is our Sales Manager, James, also enjoying the atmosphere!

Sales Manager, James with no Ceiling

All in all, it has been an exceptionally busy summer, and we are starting to fall into place for another chilly Minnesota winter!

Every winter, salt and frozen water can damage the concrete in our garages, and inevitably cost us SO much more money to replace and fill! Consistent sweeping and the occasional sealing of our concrete floors is paramount in keeping our properties intact, and keeping residents or employees safe from tripping or falling incidents!

Around this time of year, EnviroClean gladly offers these services to you! Monthly Sweeping Services, as well as Concrete Preservation Services are an absolute must if we want to keep our properties together throughout the rough winter months. Now, that's one thing duct tape can't fix!

Always let us know if you are interested, or have any questions about these services, and we would be so glad to help!

Thank all of you for your time and we here at EnviroClean hope you have an INSANELY Amazing Day!

Sarah W.

Administrative Assistant

EnviroClean, Inc.

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